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Office Safe Management - Staff Temperature

"Implement shift or split team arrangements. No cross-deployment or interaction between employees in different shifts, teams or worksites, even outside of work."  As ascribed in the guideline issued by Ministry of Manpower. Our device enables your organization to monitor each staff's temperature with time stamp. Promoting a pro-active workforce in the organization.

Covid19 Solutions: About

Office Safe Management - Visitor's Contact Tracing

All organization in Singapore is to use "SafeEntry App" by default. However, the app do not record the temperature of the visitors. Our solution is to be deployed as the replacement of manpower assigned in taking temperature and manually recording for contact tracing. Installed device will capture visitor's face (with or without mask) with temperature and time of arrival. All information is stored and can be 'called' by the organization's admin.

Covid19 Solutions: About

Office Safe Management - Access Control

Workplace using SafeEnter App will track main entrance. However within the organization's permise, our solution is able to deny entry to any person that do not fulfil predetermined conditions - such as not wearing mask, high temperature and outside their working hours. Thus reducing workload on the organization.

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Covid19 Solutions: About

Office Safe Management - Fire Safety Review 

SCDF has called for a review on organization's response plan and its CERT. Our SCDF certified Fire Safety Manager (FSM) will be able to provide audit , recommendations and implementation as per SCDF's guidelines. That might include the use of 3rd party professional services.

Covid19 Solutions: About
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